Black women finding love outside race

Love is a feeling that happens naturally to everyone. Love is something which you could not have a strong control over as your heart only listens to the heart and not you. Love only seeks for pure love and nothing else. Love is a natural feeling which has the power to make our planet earth a war free home land. Love creates peace and harmony at all times while it forgets your skin colour, tradition, race, belief and religion. Many people find a black and white being in love something unusual. This thought surely has to change for a better future.

Relationships between blacks and whites are always seen unusual and sometimes looked as something taboo. White men who date black women are even being disrespected in some countries and places as a belief of letting their race and skin colour down. And white women who date black men are not even being accepted in some societies as it is seen as the most disgraceful act to the white community. If these beliefs change, we could probably understand what a peaceful land this would be. Love is free but our skin colour has become a threat or a boundary.

Presently looking into the number of people who date the opposite skin colour of theirs have indeed increased. And this is great news and we could expect more peace and understanding in future. Thanks to the exposure of technology as social media has begun to grow to all parts of the world. This has made English men date African women. Which creates more understanding between each cultures which are totally different. Social media has started to support so many relationships of black and white people getting together which is a good sign where love could spread to each part of the world.

There are plenty of dating sights that have even started to support black and white dating . This is indeed something which encourages more love, understanding, respect and mostly teaching everyone how to adopt to differences of one another and live in harmony. We could say that, there has been a big increment in black and white people who are dating presently due to the advancement of technology and other factors as well. Children would be born with a mutual understanding of both white culture and black culture and definitely learn to love both of their parents without having hatred upon one parent due to its skin colour.

I believe that, reproducing children of both black and white children will reach these kids to love both parents regardless of what their skin colour is. More children like this in the world could totally eradicate the black and white conspiracy. And in times to come there would be no such problem as black or white and we all would be seen as one race which only spreads more love and peace. Love in black and white should happen more and more as your heart only would seek for love but not skin colour.