It's not about colour, it's about love

The 21st century has seen the rise of globalization which has made the world a global marketplace where people interact and exchange financial and cultural ideas with the aim of improving the global economy. Consequently, there has been a rise in the interracial relationship which is definitely inevitable because unlike in the past people travel more to study, work and stay in countries other than their own.

The interracial relationship is slowly being embraced today. Although, the society hasn’t fully welcomed the idea, more and more young and old people are choosing to marry from a different cultural background.

You see, the society still tends to dictate the marriage settings which often makes it tricky to live in the same society. Most people have lots of prejudices set about interracial marriages but, the problem tends to be with the people who are outside the relationship as opposed to those within. Therefore, if you can develop a thick skin, you will be able to stay longer in the marriage. Alternatively, you can move to places and cities where interracial marriages are welcomed.

Whether you believe in God, Universe, soul or spirit, you should know that you came from some source who considered you perfect regardless of your colour. In fact, there is more to you than the colour of your skin and that is your spirit or soul which is directly connected to your source. You may be of colour or white as human beings have come to identify each other but your soul is bigger and as long as you share the major beliefs, values and standards why should your skin colour be an issue?

True love just happens most of the time. When you are looking for love it’s like casting a net in the sea to catch some fish, you don’t dictate that you will only catch black tilapia, there will be tilapia, salmon, Nile perch and all other kinds of fish as long as they are found in that sea. Similarly, the colour of the man or woman should not matter if you intend to acquire pure-unconditional love.

When you define love, you will find that it never considers or dictates the skin colour. Love is more about your feelings of attraction and affection which differ from one person to the other. This is because it’s internal. I mean, our soul/spirit is love in itself and if it chooses someone of a different colour than yours, openly receive it. Apart from affection, love is the willingness to work towards improving the other individual, the will to accommodate the other person’s beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, the will to go for adventures with them and the will to stick by the individual’s side even during hardships, its kind, patient and true.

It's imperative for the society to welcome interracial dating . Let them enjoy their love, besides, don’t you have enough problems on your own plate to deal with first before critiquing the other? The fact that you don’t love people from another colour/race shouldn’t dictate to the other individual. Let interracial relationships be and understand that true love is not about colour, it’s about love.