Black women finding love outside race

Black and white dating has seen the light of dawn with millions of people embracing it. In fact, June 12th 2017 marked 50 years since the U.S Supreme Court removed the barrier from black and white marriage. Since then, more than 17% of newlyweds are married to someone of another ethnic group. It is in this revelation that black women are dating white men.

Social revolution has seen prince charming white men seeking black women.This black and white dating, which can be referred to as "milk-n-chocolate dating" is indeed as sweet as it sounds. So why are black women finding love outside race?

Love embraces difference

Difference can be an issue when it comes to dating. However, in the contemporary world we live in, we embrace difference. Color no longer determines whom we date and whom we don't. long are the days when race dictated it all. Black women and white men are now embracing the basic human need: love.

Cultural exchange

Culture is the way people live life. Black women have different cultures from white men. Dating is the best way for cultural exchange. Black and white dating is an awesome experience for those that engage in it. You get to learn different foods, and nitty gritty things you had no exposure before. Look at it as a cultural exposure, only sweeter and better since you are dating!

The success of those before

Some celebrities have had black and white dating which has led them walk down the isle. The inspiration of those before comes in handy, showing that black women are indeed finding love outside race. Some of those before include:

  • Legendary singer & performer David Bowie married Somali-American model Iman (Abdulmajid) on April 24, 1992.
  • Legendary actor Robert De Niro married actress Grace Hightower in 1997.
  • And more. Simply put- it is fun!
  • Dating does not have to be that serious. Dating black women is fun as is dating white men. You simply enjoy the differences as well as sharing experiences together-who knows, you just might share a home together.

    This article would be incomplete without sharing two main reasons why some people want to, but will not engage in black-white dating:

    Fear of criticism

    Fear is an emotion that can keep one from finding true love. Black women are finding love outside race by letting go of this fear of criticism. Great relationships are being built every day, by letting go of fear.

    Looking outside instead of within

    People tend to look for approval from outside rather than from the inside. Black women and white men are happily dating because they are putting themselves first before others. There we have it! ‘milk-chocolate dating’ comes with a lot of adventure. Welcome to the new age where black women are finding love outside race. That’s right, white men dating black women and vice versa, and are very satisfied. You never know when love will knock at your door, but sometimes, it is just as clear as black and white. Take the chance!